Educate Black America Caps FAQ

1. What is the cost and how do students, individuals, organizations and businesses benefit?

The EBA cap costs $25 (tax included) and will only be sold direct online and through Designated Sellers (DS) to prevent counterfeit sales and unlicensed sales of copyrighted materials.

Five dollars ($5) of every purchase will be allocated to the Educate Black America Scholarship Fund for Black Higher Education study at every accredited school in America. Schools offering every level and type of study are included: from preschool to doctorate degrees, career and trade schools, online learning and professional development. To find out more about the scholarships go to and click on Scholarships.

2. What is a Designated Seller (DS)?

Designated Sellers are independent contractors that earn $5 per cap sale after achieving a minimum of 100 EBA cap sales. These independent contractors (individuals, businesses, organizations, schools, churches) can direct the scholarship support to the recipient of their choice. For example, an independent contractor selling 150 caps would receive $750 in sales fees and $750 in scholarship support. More sales would generate more fees and more scholarship support. To become a Designated Seller, click here or contact Educate Black America for details at The refundable application fee of $100 includes two (2) EBA caps. The full refund will be available in 60 days upon return of the two sample hats unused and in original condition.

3. Can EBA caps be purchased in bulk quantities for large groups?

Buyers can purchase a minimum of 100 caps and receive a $5 discount per hat. The discount is an upfront payment of the $5 selling fee paid to Designated Sellers. The difference is only Designated Sellers can select scholarship recipients. Large organizations, schools and businesses can earn significant fees and scholarships as Designated Sellers.

4. Are the EBA caps fitted or adjustable?


5. Can the caps be ordered C.O.D.?

No, the EBA caps are shipped prepaid with a 100% return quality guarantee.

6. How is the other $15 per cap used?

EBA caps are sent tax included so part of the purchase price includes the taxes owed as well as the cost of marketing, shipping, postage, handling and the cost of the cap itself.

7. Can I order caps in other colors?

Currently no, but if there is a demand to fill, we will fulfill it.

8. Who owns the copyrights on the Educate Black America name, logo, slogans and service marks.

All rights and licenses are owned by ABC Ventures Inc., a Baltimore, MD based minority corporate development firm.